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The Lindsay Gallery History

The Lindsay Gallery had its beginnings in the late 1960's, established as the "Kawartha Arts and Crafts Association". In 1976, The Lindsay Gallery was founded in a little house on Victoria Avenue North. It was in this location that The Gallery Board of Governors and members focused on the goals of presenting Art to the community through Art Classes, Exhibitions, Lectures and Workshops. Today, located in the Library Building on Kent Street, a volunteer Board of Governors and members work to maintain the spirit and dedication of its founders: to foster and promote the artistic interests of all citizens."

Excerpt from the Preface of "The Lindsay Gallery, The First 25 Years, 1976 to 2001"

The Lindsay Gallery at 8 Victoria Avenue was officially opened on April 24th, 1976. The dream of many artists and artisans to have a studio, workshops and a cultural meeting place was finally realized.

The house, also known as Studio 8, was owned by the Town of Lindsay and available for rent so with the enthusiasm of a few individuals, the deed was done.The obsessed group, also called the Founding Members, set to the task of removing years of wallpaper, old linoleum, sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors, painting ceilings and walls and even plumbing chores.Despite hours of work, lots of laughs and I'm sure aching bones, we achieved our goal, our grandest ambition to bring people together in the Lindsay Gallery to discover, experience and celebrate works of art.

The Gallery has acquired a substantial permanent collection over the years beginning with many contributions from the Art Guild - a group of artists and teachers - many enlightened collectors and donors and purchases with the assistance of Wintario Grants.

The Lindsay Gallery has lived up to these hopes and dreams of many with the expected highs and lows. As custodians of our visual culture, the Art Gallery is dedicated not only to preserving the past but to anticipating our future.

We salute the artists, artisans and volunteers for their courage and creativity.

By Sandra Ackert and Marion Larocque

A J Casson and his wife during a visit to The Lindsay Gallery

Copies of "The Lindsay Gallery, The First 25 Years" are available at The Gallery at a cost of $20.00.